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What does your branding say about you?

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Learn how a brand book can boost revenue and build trust with customers. 

Branding 101: Brand Book, Brand Identity, Brand Guide, Etc.

July 10, 2018



So what is branding?

A brand is the combination of assets (such as a name, logo, design style, colors, etc.) that establishes a unique difference. Branding is when you use and implement these assets. Popular activities branding is used: website development, ad creation, social media management, etc. The industry standard is to put these assets into a brand book so the different people creating all have the same standard.  


What is up with all these different names; brand book, brand guide, brand identity?

All of these names are used interchangeably and they are a manual for how to use the assets that we talked about above (name, logo, design style, colors, etc). For example, if a graphic designer is going to create an ad or a web developer create a new web page, the brand book will tell them what colors, fonts, design style and personality to use to ensure whatever they create reflects everything else in that company. 


Why is branding so important?

The job of branding is to communicates feelings, emotions and perceptions of a company beyond what they are actually saying or writing. Attributing a personality and human attributes is a popular and effective way to connect with consumers. 


Do I really need branding?

"Image and perception help drive value; without an image there is no perception,” Scott M. Davis, author of Brand Asset Management. Branding influences the kind of image that is perceived of your business. Before a company has an opportunity to interact with a consumer, their branding establishes a conscious, and many times a sub-conscious, value of a company. Clear, consistent and cohesive branding establishes trust and loyalty with consumers. Studies have shown that brands that are consistent generate 23% more revenues.


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