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Launch Your Small Business Brand Checklist (on budget or almost FREE)

December 19, 2017


Starting a business is one of the most exciting things anyone can do! But it can quickly become overwhelming...What do you need to do? Where do you start? What is most important?


There can be tons of voices all demanding your attention and money$$$. Check out our shortlist checklist below that you can do for free or almost FREE.  


#1 Business Name

Most people have a business name in mind but if you need help you can use this free tool: Business Name Generator. Also, don't forget to double check the availability with the Secretary of State.  


#2 Logo

You want your logo to be easily remembered. Surprisingly, SquareSpace Logos has an easy to use logo creator tool. Another one of my favorite tools for DIY logo creation is TailorBrands.


#3 Domain

GoDaddy is the first thing that comes to mind but don't forget to check out other tools such as Instant Domain Search.


#4 Website 

Many people get stuck at this step. Your first website does not have to be perfect, it needs to be professional and have your company information. There are so many DIY tools out there such as SquareSpace or Shopify that I strongly recommend. Pick a template and don't change too many things other than the content. 


#5 Social Media

Social Media is important not just to post but also to add to your SEO strength. Start with creating the basics: Facebook, LinkedIn and GooglePlus pages. Setup the accounts and link them to your website. 


There are other things that you can do but these are the most important and foundational steps to getting started. The most important thing to remember is PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. This is the first steps to launching your small business brand online. At SUBB, you can get a FREE ASSESSMENT and get started on creating your business brand online. 


You are one step closer. 






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