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Press_June 2017

For Immediate Release:


Original Headline:

HIV Diagnosis Motivates Immigrant-Entrepreneur to Launch Tech Company Empowering Other Millennials to Start Their Own Businesses



The Founder/CEO of the New Los Angeles-based Tech Start-Up, SUBB, is Passionate About Sharing his Personal Journey as an Immigrant from the Former Soviet Union & Newly Living with HIV


(Los Angeles, California, Thursday, June 1st, 2017).


Lead paragraph:

Today, SUBB (Start-Up Business Box), a Los Angeles-based technology startup which is an online business management platform that automates the setup of startup business tools to help first-time millennial entrepreneurs start a business. Founder/CEO, Nikolay Borisov, states, “This is the first step toward our vision to automate the process of starting a business and making it so simple that anyone can do it.” Borisov also says he is proud to enrich the conversation about his family’s journey to the United States as refugees fleeing the Former Soviet Union (FSU), and eager to start a new conversation how his recent HIV diagnosis was the motivator for his launch.



SUBB’s beta launch is a simple and continuous online experience that intuitively flows through the different stages of starting a business. Online there are so many different solutions to start a business with no clear roadmap of what to do specifically. SUBB provides a clear roadmap and solution for each stage of starting a business and aggregates them into one location. The process begins with creating a profile through an interactive questionnaire. Users are navigated from a starting point through each stage at their own pace and can secure their progress with a personal client portal. “It empowers the entrepreneur to know where to start and what to do next,” states Borisov. He explains that the second phase for the software launch will be the automation feature, which will automate the entire startup process so customers can create their business instantly. “Business is changing. Entrepreneurs, especially millennials, are starting companies and going to market quicker with less resources and knowledge, but no one is tailoring startup services for them. We are here to change that. According to America’s SBDC, 30% of millennials have already started a business and 49% want to start their own business in the next three years.”


In Fall 2016, SUBB was one of only four companies to graduate from the prestigious Founder Institute of Silicon Valley, the world’s leading start-up accelerator program. After four months of boot-camp training, evaluation from 30 mentors, product presentations, pitching and elimination of 26 competing colleagues, SuBB is prepared to launch. Today, several of SUBB’s high-profile Board of Advisors hold or have held senior level positions in a wide selection of FORTUNE 500 companies across Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Technology, and Small Business divisions. SUBB was accepted in the Mission Possible Initiative, empowering companies with a higher purpose, at WeWork downtown, a shared workspace and community. This strategic combination of knowledge has already attracted key companies and institutions that trust SUBB’s groundbreaking start-up-centric, all-in-one platform.


“I believe every person should have the opportunity to change their life, our approach is through starting your own business, and that’s where my personal story begins,” expressed Borisov. “My journey is anchored in the principles of persevering while being scared and not having ideal circumstances. In 1991, my family and I were given the chance to change our lives as immigrants desperately seeking to make a new life. My father decided to start his own small business to support his six kids in the midst of uncertain circumstances with no money and a language barrier. He stumbled his way through failures and hard work brought him success. Personally, my HIV diagnoses last year was big hit and halted me to a complete stop. Prior to getting the news, earlier that very same week I had already moved out of my downtown loft onto my brothers couch, sold my furniture and downsized my life into two suitcases to start this entrepreneurial journey. By the end of that week, after learning my diagnoses I was faced with the decision to continue to pursue my dream of starting this business or stop and return to a life of safety and security. Over a year later, I can tell you that this business saved my life and helped me regain my physical health while work through depression and PTSD. I learned how to make a decision to start today, in the face of uncertainty. To start while being scared and unprepared but nonetheless start today. Since then, I have found courage following my diagnosis to use my business as a platform to speak about my journey and empower others to pursue their life’s ambition.”


“My main message is to start today. We are often paralyzed with over analyzing and preparing while not actually doing anything. Just start today and keep moving, however little and however possible. I also love sharing how my healing process came from my perspective shift. It was after accepting that my HIV diagnosis was a gift that I was able to heal and thrive. My HIV has actually been the biggest blessing in my life. Everything changed after that. I understood that I had the chance to live despite what has been and still is a fatal diagnosis for millions of people around the world. My message is to get started and keep moving. Nikolay adds,“ SUBB’s entire mission is to educate, inspire, and empower people to live out the fullest expressions of themselves. Our medium for doing so is helping people start a business. Not only does it increase an individual's purchasing power, it directly benefits the community around them and the local economy. I get energized knowing we part of the solution, not the problem.”


About SuBB:

SuBB is an online business management platform that automates the setup of startup business tools to help first-time millennial entrepreneurs start a business. We empower millennial entrepreneurs with our core belief that everyone should have the opportunity to start a business. We are proud to be an alumnus of the distinguished Founder Institute of Silicon Valley, partners with WeWork, and Member of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce. As we like to say, “Start Today.” Visit:


Media contact information:

Nikolay Borisov, Founder, and CEO, SuBB, Inc. (Start-Up Business Box).




Tel: 425-220-6621.





Nikolay Borisov, Founder and CEO

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