SuBB is the worlds first automated branding agency using artificial intelligence powered designs for startups and small businesses. 

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What does your branding say about you?

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Learn how a brand book can boost revenue and build trust with customers. 

Drive Revenue With

Your First Impression

Create a brand book that presents your

business as professional & legitimate.

first impressions are formed within 10 seconds or less

Brands that are

consistent generate 

23% more revenues.

10 sec

Brand Book Is Your Blueprint

A brand book is an instruction guide that makes up your unique brand identity and outlines the look and feel of your company. 

Design Style 

Color Palette

Logo Application

Font Styles

Brand Personality

Brand Voice

SUBB created a proprietary algorithm that combines industry experience,

marketing science and best practices to generate quality, custom brand books.

Agency Quality Branding with

Artificial Intelligence


How It Works





24 hours

24 hours

15 min


15 min survey

First Draft

Review first look results

Call w/Expert 

Review results and edit

Customized Brand Book 

Receive final draft online & printed

Ready to upgrade your brand?


Increase Revenues  -  Save Time  -  Stand Out 

What Other Businesses Are Saying...


Was super thrown back by how shockingly and strangely on it was for such little information provided. VERY cool.” 

@Alex, E-commerce Platform


How the hell do you do this? It was impressive. It was like you were being a psychic. 

@Van, Executive Coaching 


Got it back so quick it was like......whoa!”

@Avanelle, HR Development